Aerial optic cables

aerial area


The certificate of conformity to technical requirements of State Telecommunication Committee of Russian Federation № ОС/1-КБ-120




For suspension bracket on supports of air line wires of transmission, contact network of the electrified iron roads and transmission lines




  • Completely dielectric cable
  • Ability to maintain high mechanical loads
  • Layers of powered elements from high-strength synthetic strings, providing flexibility and a small diameter outdoor cable
  • Resistance to effects of an electric field (crack resistance)
  • Optimum weight
  • Range of operating temperature: from – 60°C with up to + 70°C with long lifetime
  • Possibility of manufacturing at great delivery lengths





Quantity of optical fibers                                                                                              2-96

Cable diameter, mm                                                                                 12,0 — 22,0

Weight, kg / km                                                                                                     120 — 410

*Attenuation coefficient, db/km, no more,

— at 1310 nm wavelenth                                                                                      0,34

— at 1550 nm wavelenth                                                                                     0,20

*Dispersion, (nm · km), no more,

— at 1310 nm wavelenth                                                                                        3,5

— at 1550 nm wavelenth                                                                                         18

Explosive effort, кN, not less                                                                 10,0 — 100,0

Tensile strength, kN, not less                                                                      3,5 — 30, 0



  1. The parameters of cables in each separate case settle up according to specifications of the customer, depending on significances of intervals, sag and service conditions
  2. *Parameters of the transmissions are given for a standard monomode fiber of the type SMF 28 CPC 6 » CORNING Inc. » Manufacturing cable with a lower attenuation constant is possible through special order.
  3. The manufacturing of cable with another type of an optic fiber of CORNING

.By single-mode with the unzero displaced dispersion of the type LEAF CPC 6

.Single-mode with boosted durability by the characteristics of the type SMF-28 with Duraclad CPC6