Каталог продукции
  • Cable for installation in PE tubes and Microcable
  • Cable for installation in PE tubes and Microcable

    The certificate of conformity to technical requirements of State Telecommunication Committee of Russian Federation № ОС/1-Кb-83


    For installation in pipes, collectors of duct-work, and also inside buildings


    • Economic construction
    • Possible to use in environments with electro-interferences
    • Minimum weight
    • Range of an operating temperature: -40C° with up to + 50C° with long lifetime



    Quantity ОF   

     2 — 144

    Cable diameter, mm  

    10,0 — 20,0

    Weight, kg / km

    70— 300

    Attenuation coefficient, db/km, no more:

    — at 1,31 microns wavelength


    — at 1,55 microns wavelength 


    Dispersion, pc/nm · km, no more:

    — at 1,31 microns wavelength 


    — at 1,55 microns wavelength 


    Allowed distribtution effort, N/cm  


    Tensile strength, N

     From 1000 up to 3000


    *1. The parameters of transmission are given for a standard single-mode fiber of the type SMF 28 CPC 6 CORNING.The manufacturing of cables with a lower attenuation coefficient is possible through special order.

    Optional manufacturing of cables with other types of optical fibers of CORNING:
    • Single-mode non-zero dispersion shifted fiber — type LEAF CPC 6
    • Multimode fiber 50/125 СРС6

    Optional manufacturing cables with a sheath from flame retardant uncombustible polyethylene is possible on demand of the customer